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Warm In Winter
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I create things to serve a purpose in my life and this wine tote is no exception.

Not being able to solidly protect my wine has always bothered me.
Every roll or clank of the glass bottles I hear as I drive along is another thorn in my side
and feeds the fear that this time will be the time they break.
A whole bottle of friendly spirits will be gone and I'll have nothing to share with my people.

No matter how well I try and package my bottles,
short of seat-belting them in the back seats,
my bottles always roll and clank together.  But not anymore!

I saw a need in my own life and found a way to meet that need with fun and color and ease!

 Camo Go-Too Bag
Sparkle Merlot Go-Too Bag by Color ME Crazy LLC

Go-Too Bag Wedding/ Anniversary Gift Tote by Color ME Crazy LLC
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Beer, Spirits and Mixers

     The Go-Too Bag® isn't just for wine.

Easily take your alcohol favorites like gin & tonic,
rum & coke, scotch & soda, or tequila & margarita mix anywhere you go.

These unique bags make great gifts for bachelor/bachelorette parties,
girls night out or weekends hangin' with the guys.
One stylish bag, several handy uses.

It's a wine tote....

and an alcohol + mixer bag....

and a reusable bag for your water bottles....

and a pool bag for small items like cell phones, lighters and lip gloss.
His and Hers: Two wines, one easy place.
It's harder to keep track of all the wine
when each person drinks something different.

The Go-Too® Bag makes it super-easy
to have different bottles handy when ever you're in need of a refill.